हर्ष का अश्रित कवि कौन था?


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According to Huygen’s principle of secondary wavelets each particle at a wavefront-

Behaves as a new light source

Two slits are spaced 0.3 mm apart and are placed 50 cm from a screen. Then the distance between the second and the third dark lines when the slits are illuminated with light of 600 mm wavelength is-

2 mm

Farad is the unit of-


The refractive index for diamond is-


During earthquake the waves arriving at seismograph are-

P following by S

The amplitude of the light wave at a distance x is A. At a point distant 3x from the source the amplitude would be-


शासन की सबसे छोटी ईकाई क्या थी?


Camera lenses are often coated to-

Reduce unwanted reflection

In a ripple tank, two coherent sources are 12 cm apart at a distance 2 m away from the sources the maxima are 12.5 cm apart if the velocity of ripple is 30 cm/s in the tank then the frequency of the source is


Anomalous dispersion of a transparent substance like quartz can show in-

Infrared range

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