लोहार वंश का अंतिम शासक कौन था?


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In general continuous emission spectra is obtained from-

Liquids and solids only

The velocity of sound waves will be at least while traveling through


In MKS system fourth unit besides meter kg and second as fundamental mechanical units are-

permeability of media

The refractive index of Canada balsam is-


Three basic concepts sufficient to describe quantitatively all the phenomena encountered in mechanical science are-

length mass and time

Two slits are spaced 0.3 mm apart and are placed 50 cm from a screen. Then the distance between the second and the third dark lines when the slits are illuminated with light of 600 mm wavelength is-

2 mm

A shift of an interference pattern with blue light is observed when a colorless thin paralleled film is introduced in the path of the refracted beam from one half of the biprism. If the colorless film is replaced by a red film of the same thickness and refractive index the shift-


Which of the following statement about normal dispersion is correct?

The index of refraction increases as the wavelength decreases-

The number of basic SI units-


The resolving power of a lens is-

Its ability to separate the images of two points that are close together 

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