उत्पल वंश का संस्थापक कौन था?

अवनति वर्मन

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तुलसीदास का जन्म कहाँ हुआ था?

बांदा जिले के राजापुर गाँव में

In MKS system fourth unit besides meter kg and second as fundamental mechanical units are-

permeability of media

शासन की सबसे छोटी ईकाई क्या थी?


Two slits are spaced 0.3 mm apart and are placed 50 cm from a screen. Then the distance between the second and the third dark lines when the slits are illuminated with light of 600 mm wavelength is-

2 mm

Which color light has the longest wavelength?


The black lines on the spectrogram of white light from the sun are called-

Fraunhofer lines

Smallest wavelength is of


Formation of beats

Interference of waves

At 27deg c longitudinal wave in which medium Will have the maximum velocity?


A whistling engine is approaching a stationary observes with a velocity of 40 m/s. The velocity of sound in 330 m/s. The ratio of frequencies as heart by the observes at the time of approaching and passing of train is-


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