अवन्तिपुर नामक नगर की स्थापना किसने की थी?

आंवती वर्मन ने

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At 27deg c longitudinal wave in which medium Will have the maximum velocity?


The black lines on the spectrogram of white light from the sun are called-

Fraunhofer lines

In Young's experiment, one slit is covered with a blue filter and the other slit with yellow. The interference pattern will look-


A passenger is sitting in a fast-moving train. The train blows a whistle of frequency N. If apparent frequency of sound is N’, then-


Refraction index will be the least case of-


The velocity of sound will be at least in

Distilled water

Three basic concepts sufficient to describe quantitatively all the phenomena encountered in mechanical science are-

length mass and time

When plane-polarized light passes through an optically active material the plane of polarization is rotated through an angle that depends on-


The refractive index for diamond is-


Change of atmospheric temperature affects which of the following property of sound?


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