लोहार वंश का कौन-सा शासक विद्वान, कवि तथा कई भाषाओं का ज्ञाता था?


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During earthquake the waves arriving at seismograph are-

P following by S

The velocity of sound waves will be at least while traveling through


During interference of light-

Energy is gained

The wavelength of a moving particle is inversely proportional to-


When plane-polarized light passes through an optically active material the plane of polarization is rotated through an angle that depends on-


During earthquake which waves are longitudinal in character?

P waves

The refractive index of glass is at least for-

Red light

According to Huygen’s principle of secondary wavelets each particle at a wavefront-

Behaves as a new light source

In the double slit experiment if a glass slab is introduced in the path of light the slits to the screen-

The central maxima will be at the same location and the fringe width will decrease

A continuous spectrum is emitted by-

While hot solider

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