चौथी शताब्दी के मध्य कामरूप में किस वंश का उदय हुआ था?

वर्मन वंश का

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Formation of beats

Interference of waves

Smallest wavelength is of


Refraction index will be the least case of-


शासन की सबसे छोटी ईकाई क्या थी?


The phenomenon associated with periscope is-

Total internal reflection

When a body travels with a velocity greater than the velocity of sound than the shape of the wave front will be


In general continuous emission spectra is obtained from-

Liquids and solids only

महुम्म्द बिन तुगलक को अपनी सनक भरी योजनाओं और कृत्यों के कारण किस अन्य नामों ने जाना जाता था?

सव्प्नशील, पागल एवं रक्तपिपासु

Change of atmospheric temperature affects which of the following property of sound?


When plane-polarized light passes through an optically active material the plane of polarization is rotated through an angle that depends on-


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