कामरूप व वर्मन वंश की राजधानी किस स्थान पर थी?

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A passenger is sitting in a fast-moving train. The train blows a whistle of frequency N. If apparent frequency of sound is N’, then-


When the blue glass is heated the color of glow will be-


In the double slit experiment if a glass slab is introduced in the path of light the slits to the screen-

The central maxima will be at the same location and the fringe width will decrease

During interference of light-

Energy is gained

The amplitude of the light wave at a distance x is A. At a point distant 3x from the source the amplitude would be-


The maximum distance from which the mm markings on a meter scale can be seen by the eye of aperture 2 mm is near-

4 meters

Three basic concepts sufficient to describe quantitatively all the phenomena encountered in mechanical science are-

length mass and time

Camera lenses are often coated to-

Reduce unwanted reflection

A source of the sound and an observer are moving away from other the apparent pitch will-


In case wavelength of light coming from a star shifts towards the violet end of the spectrum, it can be concluded that the star is-

Approaching the earth

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